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ABS warning issue on RS265


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Hey guys what do I do if at full lock (going right usually) in my Rs265 the abs warning light goes off. Apparently a common problem with indicator or something and it doesn't happen all the time. I've done my brakes and discs but wtf?

Please help.... 

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My experience with a similar problem may help you.

First you should get a OBD2 scanner on the car to see reason for ABS light - in my case it was front LHS wheel speed sensor.

It occurred immediately after the dealer from whom I purchased the car replaced the revo-hub upper ball joint as part of the deal. (It sounds like your problems started after brakes work???)

Other forums highlight possible problem with connector in wheel arch between sensor (cable end) and fixed wiring - the connector/plug consists of two very fine pins/socket. 

I cleaned this and connector and took some of the tension of both the sensor cabling and fixed wire cabling around the connector.

No more warning lights - albeit I purchased  a new sensor from Kamracing just in case its intermittent sensor issue. Good price and in stock.  Local price was double even accounting for shipping.

Maybe try the connector fix, particularly if it happened after doing the brakes - but get a scanner reading so you can localise which corner, or for that matter if its the speed sensor or something else.

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