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  1. No option for me either on phone or pc to drag/chose files to insert image - just URL
  2. Seems I can only attach a file/photo from a URL and not my computer on a private message? Is there a way?
  3. These may help Also I've got 18" BBS forged STi wheels on RS4 Hankooks for track and 19" Steevs with Dragons for road use (came with car, but not too bad a tyre). To be honest the 18"s look too small for the car/arches - definitely 19's. Also the 19"s for me are not too firm (touch softer then my old 997.2 Carrera) - I find the opposite ie 18's are a little too soft on the road (have yet to use on track day). Only reason to go for 18"s is for track day tyre selection and price. In some ways I'm not looking forward to the 18's on the track, but can be remedied with firmer springs and coi
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