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Clio RS 2017


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My 1st car was a Renault Fuego. Terrible electronics but so fun to drive. So got married bought a few boring cars and after that had no interest in cars. Sister had a Megane 250 trophy (manual) and I fell in love with driving again. I know you guys love your manuals but these transmissions in the Clio RS 2017 are superb. The gear changes are spot on. Had it for 3yrs now, not making any point, just love driving it.


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If you get a chance to try the EDC in the Meg 4 go for a test drive or something. It's an absolute revolution compared to the one in the Clio 4. Not that the Clio EDC is bad, the Meg one is just miles better in my experience having now owned and driven both cars on the road and track.

On another topic, I love a Fuego! We have a few Fuego owners in the Renault Car Club of QLD, here is one at motorkhana yesterday at Lakeside Park (it also does Sprints at Queensland Raceway!) being driven hard.


I must say on motorkhana courses i'm glad to have the paddles in the Clio as i'm not sure my brain could keep up with the manual changes on such a tight layout 😅


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