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About to Buy a 250 Cup Trophee


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Hi All,

as title suggests about to make the decision on a 2011 RS 250 Cup Trophee, testing on Friday

The car has a good service history, however timing belt was done in '18 or '19, not sure how many kms that was at so I might be looking into doing that, besides that I can see the last owner has mentioned something about rough idle on cold start, is this common ?

considering it will be had for a very decent price (which im a bit wary of because it could mean theres something theyre trying to hide), it also has about 140xxx kms

Ive tried to do my due dilligence and happy to see that these are quite reliable, is there anything I can do to check the specific issues like engine mounts, gearbox bolts, a/c compressors? what exactly am I looking for when inspecting these? How do the clutches feel/sound when they're on their way out?

Buying because I miss a manual, and a bit tired of the slushy heavy experience in my falcon despite the barra, so the megane would most likely become a semi daily or mostly weekend car



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engine mounts, gearbox bolts, a/c compressors?

for engine mounts, treat them as a must replace after say 120k km - mine where rooted at this mileage; i noticed prior to change when coming out of a corner and flooring it it would tend to pull the steering wheel/cat slightly to one side. Replacing all mounts reduced this by 90%

not sure about what g/b bolts problem is? main problem is whine from box when bearing(s) are u/s.  Also check drive shaft seal to ensure no leaks.  Change g/box oil and when filling raise side of car with filler slightly and fill - need to slightly overfil to make sure good "wetting" of upper bearings.  If the bolt problem u refer to is g/box mount, see my other post re bolt.

a/c compressor, luck of the draw as these seem to fail early. Mine's noisy but still cools ok after 125k km, but need to keep gassed as slight leak somewhere.

clutches feel/sound 

see if any noise when at standstill pushing clutch in/out - could be either thrust bearing or dual mass springs

Important to get a ODBii code reader to see any faults.  Suggest going to indi renault specialist.  Did this when i purchased my rs250, and only cost $150 - identified a few issues, which I got dealer to fix (worth $1200) in the deal

I've attached my prepurchase inspection sheet i put together - it may help


Megane RS 250 Prepurchase inspection.docx

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Welcome to the forum!

Not much to worry about but essential that the regular log book services are in evidence.

Like any vehicle, if not maintained properly, it will come back to bite you on the bum, eventually. 

In theory, with the Km on it, it should fine although the timing belt change status should be checked.

It being a 2010 they should have been changed a couple of times now.

Because they are time specific as well as km specific (which doesn't apply).

If you check these things out and comply with what is suggested you should have many more enjoyable Km's.

It is worth reading the Meg III technical section on here as it has lots of useful information. 

Lastly, if you haven't already done so, have some driver training, it will allow you to get the best out of your car. 

AND do some track days which will allow you to practice your driving in a safe, responsible environment without putting other road users at risk.

Hope that helps.

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Cheers Cairnsy,

appreciate the info and will definitely give the Meg III tech section a good read. Was thinking much the same but just wasn’t sure if there was any megane specifics I should be watching out for. 

Getting pretty excited already sorting out a few tweaks to the wheels and suspension for that track day fun. 

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