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oxygen sensor replacement


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Oxygen sensor in my Clio started behaving erratically. It doesn't throw any errors on the dashboard yet but I've been saving logs in my Rs Tuner box. Voltage on the upstream one drops to 0 V, sometimes for five seconds and the time between min and max amplitude gets long as well.

I spent hours on the internet trying to find reasonably priced original or equivalent replacement.

Renault quoted $350 + GST.

Original from UK $270 +shipping

There are others within 50-100 Euro

I have found that Bosh O2 sensor from Renault Captur for 1.2 Tce engine looks the same and can be had for $75.

My question is: Providing the plug is the same, can I use Captur sensor? Are there any other parameters that would make it unsuitable for Clio 4?


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Shoot autoparis a call. He sells aftermarket stuff that he believes is good quality.

If you have rs tuner. Do a log of your long term fuel trims while driving on the freeway. If they go up and down crazy amounts it's usually a sign the O2 is also buggars. 

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I’ve been getting the ‘check anti pollution system’ message. I checked the two lambda sensors, one on the dump pipe near the turbo (upstream) and one further down near the catalytic converter (downstream). On the ODB scanner the upstream shows short term trim constantly changing between +2% and -2% while the downstream short term trim constantly shows -100% there is voltage to the downstream sensor.

Would you say that the downstream sensor is faulty?


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