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DIY OBD2 scanner for my RS265 Megane


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I am looking for a Entry level DIY Scanner to be used on my RS Megane.  I was thinking of buying a AUTEL AP200M OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner that works with a Android Device  or Iphone.      Anyone using one of these , or any other Entry Level OBD2 Scanners that work well with our Renaults ?   


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I have been looking at these pay for subscribing obd 2 services. They seem okay but cannot find one review of someone using them with a Renault. Carly is the other version I was looking at.

Problem is that I am unsure if they can really diagnose well enough with the Renault's.

I have a generic OBD2 with torque app that can clear codes and do basic stuff but does not explain deeper as to what is wrong.

I did find this obd scanner which does have Renault reviews and can do what Renault CLIP can do. It's more pricyand I am unsure if it works with other cars.


Postage was about 20 pounds from memory.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts and what you are doing..    I gave up trying to going any further with the AUTEL due to lack of any experience with Renaults.     I ended up buying a Cheap OBD Scanner called a TonWon Pro BLE 4.0  from Amazon  for $25 and bought OBD Fusion (one time)  from Appstore for $15.    Played around with it this afternoon  with the megane,  Still working out all that the App will do ! 

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