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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and what you are doing.. I gave up trying to going any further with the AUTEL due to lack of any experience with Renaults. I ended up buying a Cheap OBD Scanner called a TonWon Pro BLE 4.0 from Amazon for $25 and bought OBD Fusion (one time) from Appstore for $15. Played around with it this afternoon with the megane, Still working out all that the App will do !
  2. I am looking for a Entry level DIY Scanner to be used on my RS Megane. I was thinking of buying a AUTEL AP200M OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner that works with a Android Device or Iphone. Anyone using one of these , or any other Entry Level OBD2 Scanners that work well with our Renaults ? https://www.amazon.com/Autel-Bluetooth-Diagnostic-Throttle-Services/dp/B08BJR7RW3/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=AP200M&qid=1617523488&sr=8-3
  3. A Great looking car in showroom condition... Congratulations, you will enjoy !!!
  4. Hi aress, good luck in your search.. A terrific looking 8:08 2012 Trophy 265 in Carsales in north Qld with only 7500 km's .. Not sure if you have seen the colour in person , Cant go wrong with Liquid Yellow, hero colour for Renault RS .. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Rsmj

    New 265 Owner

    Congrats on your new RS.. Looks great..
  6. Rsmj

    Interior Led Help

    Hi Gang, Doesnt solve your issue of why your LED doesnt work. I changed my Interior and Door Lights inside my RS265 with the Philips Whitevision W5W . Changes that dull yellow to bright white, but looks natural. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Philips-White-Vision-40-Whiter-Light-W5W-Sidelight-Globes-2-WhiteVision-Bulbs-/271870289814?hash=item3f4cbb6796:g:DdIAAOSwhkRWeoGi
  7. Few people ever drive performance cars with double sequential clutch gearbox in Auto . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. That's a bloody Great Deal. Did you go clear in the rear qtr and back window. ? Tint guys told me that factory privacy glass on my 265 CUP would already be darker than 35% VLT so if you add any tint to those windows greater than Clear you are potential for defect by the cops . Cheers. Mike Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Just tinted the Megane, I decided to just Tint the Front door windows to match the colour of the privacy Glass (Rear Qtr and back window) as close as possible. The closest match i could find was Bolle 35% tint from Tint a Car. ( Only $80 per door, $160 total... Bargain.)
  10. Welcome Gabe to the group.. Great looking ride..
  11. For the RS they would not put in a auto trans, instead they would put something like a Sports Paddle Driven DSG style of gearbox. I dont think the gearbox choices will change residual values, it will be more likely just a New model series (Meg IV Series) will depreciate our Meg III cars. I know i risk lighting strikes and scorn with this one, I would have preferred a DSG / Paddle type of gearbox in my 265 Cup. I enjoy driving a manual stick shift, but after using DSG for years in my other cars i am sold on this new style of gearbox. Cheers Mike.
  12. Thank you, looking forward to joining cruises.. I do have access to the Social-Events Forum, so i will keep an eye on it.. Thanks Again..
  13. Corey many thanks, would love to come, unfortunately I have a family commitment this sunday afternoon / evening.. How do i connect with Euromeet ? Is there a FB Page or website I should register with ?
  14. Fantastic Danny.. Appreciate it ..
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