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Not knowing if stuff is sold


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One small problem I’ve got with oz rs is you can’t differentiate between cars (or parts) that are still for sale, or ones that were sold months ago. Sometimes you have to go though the whole page (or pages) until you get to the end and find it’s either sold or the tread is closed. If a car or part is no longer for sale, you 100% have to modify the post title to state so. “Car sold”, “parts no longer for sale” etc. In the past I’ve spent hours going though the classifieds, only to be told, sometimes weeks later, that it’s no longer available, despite it still being advertised.

Btw, the reason I bought my first Clio is I thought is was the best bang for bucks car I could afford (anyone want to disagree) But the reason I’m still interested in them is after buying it, I discovered this website. Despite My long absence, I still think oz rs is a great form of information, tech specs etc but more importantly i feel its not a website or a group but a friendly, intelligent, thoughtful religion, I mean website and I welcome it 👍

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Thanks for the sentiments, @Nat1. Yes this place has been a great source of information, inspiration and community for many years now. Despite the existence of other platforms and communities, it’s still by far the largest and most active place to get your RS fix in Oz. That really comes down to the community that makes it what it is 👍

Interesting feedback re the For Sales. I’ve always assumed that if something isn’t indicated as sold in six months or so from the original post, that the OP has sold it (perhaps elsewhere) and not updated the thread. We do close/lock threads once requested to do so by the OP, either for sold or items withdrawn. This should help with your search.

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