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now that I have your attention, I have been thinking about new ideas or incentives to make this site more active..


Without going over to the Yahoo! site to 'hijack' it again (give me strength!) in an effort to destroy their community (because I have nothing better to do), anyone have any ideas on this subject??


T-shirts? Flyers? Free clios?? :D


Could we mention it to Renault? Put a flyer with the dealers??




Hope to have another drive day soon..


Paulo :wink:

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I signed upto Yahoo group... it is possibly the worst format those stupid yahoo communities. i dont even bother looking there now. I have obvioussly missed the controversy being a late comer and all.


But i think publicity is what this site needs.


Ok now i am not a big sticker fan, but what about little ones kinda like 206gti.net or whatever they are called.


Clio's are a niche market, be good to hit a new owner with a flyer or something everytime one rolled out the dealer floor, but that isn't going to happen.


alot of Bastille Day events coming up, be a great time for some exposure if we get out act together before then. on Aussiefrogs, Chris( username : Greenblood) managers at a sign/sticker place maybe he could help out with cost cutting etc. He does all the A/F stuff.


Either way though there isn't much out there to represent our clio's and if there was somehting around i could give others i see around, i would.



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couldnt agree more.. The yahoo site is outdated and utterly crap considering its 2004 and we have progressed past the original unfriendly site design etc..


some stickers are definately an idea worth considering.. anyone know of any links in this area?? i wouldnt mind buying 50 or so if they are small and look really fresh.. :wink:


brendan?? like to design a really cool logo to have on our site?


I will check out performance forums and see what its about.


We could post on A/F about this new site especially for ALL RENAULT SPORT models.. not just clios.. (megane etc when they lob).


Thanks Renault! brendan! :D



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yea, stickers are a great idea, when I helped get calaisturbo.com.au off the ground,s tickers were a big hit! now that site gets over 3,000 hits a day! Sells all kinds of merchandise, and has a heap of sponsors.. and to think, it might have all started with a little $7 sticker :P


I'll see what I can do with a logo.. drop me an email if you want to discuss some ideas paul.

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Stickers has to be the way to go. I'm not a massive fan of them but its exposure your after & we all drive plenty. I'm sure for a reasonable price we could get them going if they look the part.


For the site I would like to see some galleries info etc..the yahoo site has some good stuff on it but its outdated & messy..I would hate to see pop ups on this site but sponsors maybe necessary down the line.


Some sites I used to frequent are listed below.They arent the best but do get a lot of hits & the set ups are OK no doubt the poplularity of these cars has resulted in the umber of hits..as well as sponsor support.





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"in an effort to destroy their community (because I have nothing better to do)"


I've generally found that the RS people are a great community, quite socialble & sensible...


I doubt this sort of attitude really belongs in such a community (or any community thats not full of childish wankers).


enjoy "your" community

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Dude, I think Paul was just being sarcastic! That snippet that you quoted of his was an accusation levelled at him (can't recall by whom) when he and others in the Yahoo group voiced their opinions about the lack of focus in the Yahoo forum at that particular time. I personally don't think that he did what he did out of spite.


It's amazing how tone can be totally misread on this medium called the internet... it can even drive an 11yo girl to murder her friend fer christsakes!


Chill, Dish.

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why cant everyone get along...and partake in both( although i see this one with much more potential)


As i said before i came into the RS scene when the split to come here had just been made. I have looked and posted on both sites, this one has much more potential and a place where i would rather focus my energies to help it grow into a fruitful resource for all Renault Sport owners.


I mean for starters imagine trying to mention to someone you just met who has a clio and say "go to yahoo.com, then search for a usergroup call clio sports, then sign up with a username (which you will need to do about 3 times before you get a name someone hasn't taken... then sign up and post away"


much easier saying... goto ozrenaultsport.com


I suppose thos ethat some mihgt have loyalties to the other site, it does have alot of great content, but it would be nieve to think it has supperior appeal and potential then this place.



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Could agree with you more Renault.


My only gripe was really about the format. Yahoo sux. everyone knows that (imho).. It was nothing personal (although some of them could crap on about nothing)..


So glad you like it! Lets make this the rs site or all sites! Without banners or spam!




Once we have this site into a new format which allows everything we want (not just forum) then nothing will stop us!! Mua haha :twisted:


just kidding.. :wink:

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Dude, I think Paul was just being sarcastic!Chill, Dish.


Appy pollylgies if that was the case... it came across real bad...

yeah the internet's emoticons really dont cut it...


But if it happens again Paul... :P lol... jk



as for the stickers, yeah the yahoo people were discussing the same thing on the last cruise... definetly a good idea me thinks...


My suggestion is "RS Drivers NSW/AU" or something general (to include upcoming RS products), then have the web site/s etc on it as well...

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  • 1 month later...

Hi everyone!


I just signed up here, after being on the Yahoo group for a while now. I forgot this place was here!


Anyhow, the only reason I like the yahoo groups is because they come via email. I have never looked at the web page for it. I get it all delivered to my mail address, and from there, it gets filtered into a folder in my mail reader. It's quite convenient (:


But I like both systems (:

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Hey guys,


I've just come across from the Yahoo site and must say i'm enjoying this format! I've had a few ideas regarding promotions for car forums and clubs in general after being involved in the Lotus Car Club and Sports Car Club of Australia for some years.


Anyway i feel a small but noticable sticker, say big enough to sit on the rear window tail light, with web address, cause its a good one, and some kind of graphc interpretation of the RS clio in profile, nice, effective and simple, would be a good way to go.


Also have been thinking about printing some business cards with just the web address and a brief descripiton, just have a stsh in the glove box and fling them at any RSC not wearing the above sticker...


Also as for sticking something in new RSC's: i sail against Col Crawford, he owns a bunch of dealerships (renault/nissan/bmw/mini plus a bunch of japs) in Sydneys northern beaches, he has by far the best Renault service centre and customer support in Sydney and i'm sure if the proposal was right we could get access to pre-delivery glove boxes / or in service glove boxes. Also had the idea than for some kick back be they testamonials, ad space etc we could leverage the costs of sticker/card/flyer printing.


Key is to keep it free for the user and either have a dedicated 'fighting fund' comprised of donations or market ourselves to the right people. It would be by far the cheapest and most effecient form of marketing communication they could ever undertake...


I'm going to see if i can get any designs out of my graphic design student mates, and i'm more than willing to put my marketing degree into use to get proposals together and identify key targets....


Thoughts people....

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Hiya Rusty :D


Some interesting suggestions there... I think we should put forward a proposal to The Board... Pauly, whaddaya reckon?


I like the idea of the stylized image for a logo, and I could certainly draw something up soon (bit busy right now :roll: ), so gimme a few days.


There is one drawback with the leaving cards on parked cars idea: there are around 5 or 6 RCSs in Victoria which also happen to be unmarked police cars :? Do we really want the fuzz to monitor our movements? That's if they aren't already doing so...



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There is one drawback with the leaving cards on parked cars idea: there are around 5 or 6 RCSs in Victoria which also happen to be unmarked police cars :? Do we really want the fuzz to monitor our movements? That's if they aren't already doing so...


Didn't someone get a list of their rego's and put it on the yahoo site so no-one made the mistake of lining them up at the lights if they saw them... might be worth going back into the quagmire to investigate...


also had an idea about the logo.... sort of GP inspired with the back of a stylised line RCS morphing into a chequred flag or something...

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All sounds very good guys!!


Sorry i dont have more time to have some input..


IN the next few weeks i will able to post much more..


SOO busy moving to sydney at the moment..



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got a friend at College of Fine Arts working on the sticker as we speak... anyone after anything in particular, i am still going with a profile of the RCS in a stylised line drawing with the url underneath... simple, white or in the RenaultSport colours, thoughts?

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i'm going to go with the white as well. I'll post a link to the design when it happens probably later in the week... watch this space.

Also the yahoo guys are talking about printing business cards... i think it is worthwhile getting the .com address on there as well. Certainly i want it on there if i'm going to fork over some cash for my alotment. Any bad blood must surely be water under the bridge by now, i've noticed more than a few cross-overs, myself included...

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  • 3 weeks later...



any luck with the design? I think we now have a new thread purely for this topic.. very keen to help in any way possible on this one :)


Could we get both .com and .tk addresses on the sticker?? blatant cross promotion??




PS whats your name? sorry, must have met you last night..

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