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Clio RS 200 EDC 2014


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Do you have the owner's manual and /or service book?  If so just follow the service requirements for the mileage/age etc.

Mine was the same model as yours but I just got it serviced at the dealership with no dramas.

No different to any other vehicle re regular oil changes, filters etc. if you are confident enough to do it yourself.

One piece of driving advice....try and avoid 'creeping' in traffic as that tends to stress the dual clutch trannie. Better to stop and go in spurts and ignore the impatient idiots beeping behind you😉.

Also when slowing down for roundabouts etc. avoid tramping on the accelerator upon exit as that will often confuse the trannie re which gear to select....gentle acceleration is the go. 

The EDC transmission is great especially at speed but like all dual clutch types they have their quirks at slow speed and this is normal.

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