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New R.S. 265 owner


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Hello all. Just picked up my 1 owner mint meg 3 265 premium. To say that I am very happy would be an understatement. My last ‘sports car’ was an old mx5 which I got rid of 16 years ago when my first (of many) kids came. Since then I have been driving 4x4,s mini vans and a Camry. So I guess it’s my mid-life-crisis car?

It is stock with 70k in white (which I didn’t really want) and has the facelift nose and leather Recaro,s which I wanted. Possibly payed a little too much, but all servicing incl. belts performed by the dealer and has new tires, with a few months warranty left, so quite happy.

Next steps? I used to regularly track my mx5 at Wakefield park (moved to Vic at the beginning of the year) so need to join a club? and attend some days. Will also look further into a mid box chop and pod/panel filter change (have seen a few threads here). Don’t need more performance (yet) but some more noise is imperative.

Will take some pics tomorrow and post them up.


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Many congrats.

I spoke to the seller a few months back when I was in the market for a 265.  At that time, he had it advertised for $22500, and after speaking to him over the phone, I asked him (based on the current market), if was negotiable on the price, to which he said "no more than a couple of hundred dollars".  It was a shame as I didn't even go to look at it.  Service history showed it was well cared for so I am sure you have a great car on your hands.  I got my fix by buying a prefacelift 265 Red Bull RB8.


Best of luck with your new 265.

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