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  1. mostro

    New R.S. 265 owner

    Many congrats. I spoke to the seller a few months back when I was in the market for a 265. At that time, he had it advertised for $22500, and after speaking to him over the phone, I asked him (based on the current market), if was negotiable on the price, to which he said "no more than a couple of hundred dollars". It was a shame as I didn't even go to look at it. Service history showed it was well cared for so I am sure you have a great car on your hands. I got my fix by buying a prefacelift 265 Red Bull RB8. Best of luck with your new 265.
  2. mostro


    My 172 had the same issue and Carl from Virage just replaced both units at a very reasonable price.
  3. Hi I just picked up a silver 172 as well (originally from Newcastle). I live in Doncaster but have used Virage Motors on recommendation from forum members. Karl seems very fair and knowledgable on the car and prices have been very reasonable. Is your 172 a daily driver, project car or track day weapon?
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