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Hey guys 

relatively new Megane RS 265 owner and i was just wondering if anyone would be able to help me out with an engine issue. recently took it in to the mechanics and they advised me that a tiny bit of oil has been leaking out from the top of the engine. also worth noting that my check engine light illuminates until i actually turn the car on, then it disappears. anyone have any clue what the fault could be and how much it would cost to troubleshoot and fix an engine for the megane? 

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Both these are normal... Usual oil leak at the bolts that hold down the top breather plate. Simple fix is to remove bolt seal and refit. The one they are seeing is at the cvt solenoid and the Coil assy.. very Common but not a big deal..

Check engine light comes on and goes out after start...normal




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15 minutes ago, LankyLepper said:

you’re a legend thank you so much for the quick reply, i wasn’t sure about the engine light as it was something i had only realised after the trip at the mechanics. once again thank you

On my12 265 cup, without proximity sensor, when I slide the card into the slot, it does a system check and comes up with 'ok' on the screen in front of the driver. I take that as 'ok' to press the start button. If mirrors are folded, they will fold back out. Engine light normally goes out after start up. Unless ,of course, you actually have a problem. If so, an indication of the problem should appear on the screen. (i.e., injector, maf sensor etc.,)

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