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HELP! Renault and their poor service!


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Sad to say Renault have destroyed my life and yet I still love their cars!
Highly likely going to Vcat or Aus consumer affairs.
Has anyone else in Melbourne had poor experience with Renault head office and Renault Brighton, Richmond, Mornington???
In short:
Took my Magane Rs 265 to Brighton Renault received the car back with a scratch, misfire and a bracket out next to my right front wheel.
Further inspection concluded warranty work conducted was never completed and the misfire was due to the timing belt being put back incorrect.
I have given 3 opportunities to rectify all works yet on all three occasions the car has been returned in a very poor state such as, cut and polish burning into my paint, engine mount bracket bolts missing.
This has been going on for 5 months now, I have photo proof of my car being tampered with and much more.
Has anyone taken Renault or any car service centers to Vcat??

Any help is much appreciated!!

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Sorry to hear about your experience. I've had similar issues with other brands, sadly it's a dealer thing.

I have no advice to give as the car I had issues with I just sold and moved on. Having said that never did I get it back in such a worse condition.

Fingers crossed it will go smoothly and you'll have your car back as it should be and you take it to a private mechanic with a great reputation.

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