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Issues with tabbed browsing?

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When I try to click on a link to a topic and have it open in a new tab, it does but it also opens in the window I am viewing and I can't open any further links in a new tab/window.

(i.e. a combination of tabbed & normal browsing?!?!)


I'm using Safari as my browser which uses Konqueror's KHTML engine. Is it a browser issue? I haven't tried it with Mozilla or any other browser with tabbed browsing? Nor have I tried it on a Windows based machine?



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im using firefox, and using tabbed browsing.. it seems ok to me?


Ill try it on safari when I get home.. I beleive safari uses the same engine as mozilla.. so i should have the same results anyway.


Dish - IE6 lets bad coders make websites, and destroys html standards.. it sucks.. thats why :P

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err, didnt follow any of that.. never mind..


brendan, hows things??


Got ur new shocks yet? I heard from Ben yesterday.. He got a new 180!


have you been in it yet? Its STILL slower than the clio!



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hey paul,


things are good.. no new shocks yet, still waiting on that exhaust from my cuz first!


I went for a spin in bens 180, not too shabby.. not suprisingly quick, but certainly has alot of grunt. I guess we have to open it up first and see how it purrss... or.. croaks :P


silly frogs :)

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in safari tabbed browsing seems ok..?

Hmm, thats strange, it is definitely buggy for me. I'll have to try with another browser.


Bit more detailed specs on my system - running 10.3.4 and Safari v1.2.2. I'm certain this was there with X.3.3 as well. Anyways, no big deal, thanks for following it up Brendan. I'll just have to click on the links real quick!


oh, and numero, im on a G5 now

Thats your home machine, nice one! 8) Which processor did you go with (dual/single)?



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