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Gearbox removal procedure manual


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Actually just re-read what i attached. Thats the not method i used.

You can follow most of whats in the attached however. If you want to completely remove the gearbox its either engine out or drop the sub-frame (which is what i did).


If you are looking to replace the clutch only, then you dont need to remove the gearbox completely. You loosen the subframe bolts (leaving one in, but that too is loose) and bend the subframe down. There will be enough room to slide the gearbox out of the way to change the clutch. 

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Thanks for the info.  A few things we didnt need to do but a fair few more things were done just to make it easier and will be a lot easier once things are removed to re install. But we got the box out eventually - to discover the hole in the case. Bit of a tedious job. If all else fails just keep removing things was our moto.. 

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