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  1. Calaisclio

    Clio 2004

    In my opinion , don't do it. There are better cars available as reliable, inexpensive, safer, daily driver. Unless of course you can do repairs yourself and have a supply of parts. You could be lucky but 17 year old Clios will need a fair bit of love and care to keep them going. strong
  2. Calaisclio

    New Clio Owner

    Yes, you are correct , but maybe, some customers don't think well of there Renaultsport and have responded accordingly? And maybe some don't appreciate the service costs or the parts availability or factory back up or build quality in comparison to other brands, etc.
  3. Calaisclio

    New Clio Owner

    Renault came 30th in the whatcar.com annual 2020 review, just ahead of Landrover and behind Tesla or second last if you want to look at it another way.
  4. There was a trophy for sale a couple of months ago in the damaged section in Queensland. Its probably it. It had quite a hard hit by memory.
  5. He purchased it from Manheims auctions about two weeks ago so it will be interesting to hear the story that he tells you. Good luck looking. PS. It did look clean but small market appeal.
  6. Thanks. Im interested. Is it a early 2? Sent you a pm, hopefully

    1. clio_sleepa_46


      2002 model I think the first phase II was 2001 if I remember correctly.

  7. Thanks for the info. A few things we didnt need to do but a fair few more things were done just to make it easier and will be a lot easier once things are removed to re install. But we got the box out eventually - to discover the hole in the case. Bit of a tedious job. If all else fails just keep removing things was our moto..
  8. Chasing a manual on how to remove the gearbox of a clio 172. Thanks in advance
  9. job done. thanks to dave for the 197 parts very helpful.
  10. Wondering if any one knows how to get a renault clio tailgate and rear bumper and diffuser from Gosford to Melbourne. Thanks in advance.
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