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New to forum, lifetime Renault fan (now Clio III owner)


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Hi everyone 🙋‍♂️,

New to the forum having been told about it on more than a number of occasions. Should have joined sooner!

Thought I'd share a few pics of my 2010 Renault Clio RS 20th Anniversary Edition. This is Number 13, lucky for some!

Have had this little weapon for nearly three years now, purchased off an enthusiast who was recommended to me by a mate (suspect he's on this forum too). My partner and I are a single couple living in the city, we love how spritely it is for urban driving and its actually really versatile in terms of storage space. We can go away for a camping weekend with 6 man tent, gas, bbq, mattress, 2 bikes and tools, etc and it all (just) fits. Never mind this 4wd caravan rubbish. I only go on about this as its performance is obviously very well documented and I enjoy this about the car too.

Next I plan on heading to the track for some initial track-day experience!

Anywho, enough waffling, thanks for having me.






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Welcome Luke - sweet car and great to see you using her properly ... weekend away and now some track days 

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