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Hi there how is everyone ! ?

Recently purchased a 2013 megane rs 265 and very much love it. 


I joined these forums to have a good read to see how everyone else is enjoying their 265 and search the forums and see if anyone has done any tasteful modifications. 


Also I'm searching for a car audio installer in Perth for my car. I hate Alberts with a passion so if anyone knows a guy let me know!


Thanks and I look forward to being apart of the community. 


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Thanks! That's interesting. Yeah I was wondering if it just needs a bit of a tune. I know those french have done some hectic mapping to keep the emissions down on their cars. bah. 


and i know right how terrible is the stock sound system?! desperately want to replace it. 


I have my old sleakers and sub/amp that I want to install. The problem is finding s reputable installer. 

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I worked in car audio for 20+ years. Nearly 2 of them in Perth, but that was a long time ago.

I recently went looking for an installer to do a few things for me here in Adelaide/ And it wasn't easy to find someone I would trust.

I started by doing a bit of a call around to thin down the list. Then went to each one left and did a bit of an interview, looked at their work ( the installers own car is a great place to start) and finally found one guy I felt would be OK.  There aren't that many good audio installers around, most guys make their money doing parking sensors, dash and reversing cameras these days.

I don't know who's who in Perth these days, but Alberts never were that good, and it was very hard for anyone to compete against them ( partly because the parent company was also an importer of various brands)

I would start by looking for Focal dealers, I know the distributor and he is careful about who he lets have the product.

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