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Hello from a former and hopefully soon 2nd time RS owner.


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Hello all,

I've been meaning to sign up to the forums here for a while.  A friend I got into Renault Sport cars after buying mine has suggested I join a few times now but  I had been putting it off as I spend quite a lot of time on (non car related) forums for work reasons.  I bought a Renault Sport 172 Phase 2 a couple of years back which has very much bitten me with the RS bug.  Unfortunately last Sunday a red light running Hilux killed my Clio.  Doubly unfortunately my insurance paid me out not enough money to adequately replace the car (currently challenging there valuation but I'm not holding my breath...).  Now it feels a bit late but I'm feeling hugely RS nostalgic at the moment, driving a borrowed diesel Golf is not helping matters at all, so I feel like talking about my (now former) 172.


My fav things about my 172 (where to begin?):

-the handling - somehow perfect mix of great handling, fairly stiff but  extremely comfortable suspension tune (with very fun predictable lift off oversteer)

-the steering everything, accuracy, weight, feedback, just all of it

-the wonderful, very mechanical engine noise at higher revs (the diesel Golf has a very mechanical engine noise at all revs but it is very far from a wonderful sound)

-the feeling it was special, every single time I drove it  (I still feel like RS cars are like a secret just for the drivers who love driving)

-fast enough to enjoy at a track day... which I never got around to doing, wish I had now

-perfect reliability (I've read mixed things about RS reliability but mine seemed to be perfect) and it started first try every time (I know that's not really a surprise any more but my car before the 172 was carburetted and had a manual choke).  Won't lie though, I had a couple of expensive service bills during ownership.

-another thing I've heard is not the average for a RS but was my experience - not one rattle (OK one rattle - occasionally the sun visor would rattle but just touching it would fix it up for another month or two so I'm not counting it) - seriously nothing seemed to be loose anywhere I was very impressed for a 15 year old car.

-finally, and this only mattered to me once (and prior to that I hadn't thought about it), the safety - having a Hilux completely smash the front end didn't deform the door openings at all - the 172 protected me pretty well when I needed it to - both doors worked perfectly after the accident and none of the pedals tried to jump up and break my legs.


My least favorite things about my 172:

-I no longer have it

-servicing could be expensive

-1 of the plastic types used in the interior degrades with age (seems mainly cosmetic though)

-too fast to push anywhere near it's limits on the road (not expecting many people will really agree with this point but I enjoy forcing the most out of a slow car at still legal speeds - don't get me wrong I would happily have had more power in it too but it really didn't need it)

-market value insurance is not enough $$ to replace it


RIP little 172.  I hope my RS good times are not over yet.  Now I am looking for a nice (preferably but not necessarily 4 door) Meg 225 (phase 1 cup or phase 2) to replace the 172.  The extra space in the rear and four doors would make it a good improvement (compared to the Clio) as far as my kids go, one of my 4 year olds had already started complaining about the leg room of the Clio (because his legs are too short for his knees to bend at the edge of his seat so his feet just push into the back of my seat & I'm 6 foot 3).  My brain is telling me to be sensible and buy a Mazda or Toyota or Commodore but I do not want... RS has lodged itself in my heart like its made of cholesterol, special is beating sensible in my id.

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I had the same problem with my kids complaining about my 182 so I went and got a 225 Cup.

Only problem is I don’t like the 225, so the wife has claimed it and I’ve gone out and bought more 182 Cups.

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8 minutes ago, dee2eR said:

Must admit if it was just me I would probably want a 172 phase 1, or another phase 2 or a 182...

What didn't you like about the 225?

I still drive the 225 Cup and it’s a great car but I feel the Clio gives you a better satisfaction over the Meg.

I was at a RCCQ meeting years ago speaking to a bloke who worked at Renault and asked to compare the two and he said “the Meg makes you look like a better driver but the Clio you have to be a better driver to get the same out of it.”

Or as my Mrs said after having my Clio for a while then pushing me out of the Meg, “this feels like a ladies car, I’m taking this one”

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39 minutes ago, 63x1092 said:

Only problem is I don’t like the 225, so the wife has claimed it and I’ve gone out and bought more 182 Cups.

Good problem to have. 

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