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First Renault--250 Rs Trophy


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Hey, new to the forum and to Renault ownership. I not long ago purchased a 2011 megane Rs cup trophy really happy with the car and hopefully I'll keep my licence for a while to keep enjoying it. ???? Having previously owned a number of Subarus I was really taken back by the performance and handling of the megane instantly fell in love with them after driving a mates 175. Look forward to meeting up with other enthusiasts around the Brisbane area ????????


It's has a few things done.

- Rstune flashed ecu

- ktec 3" dump

- ktec decat exhaust

- ktec intercooler and piping

- Eibatch lowering springs


I also recently picked up a brand new set of black 18" Tibors wrapped in Michelin pilot sport that I will be putting on shortly.


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Another one going from Subaru to Renault.... Hmmmm. Study subbie did you go from?

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Ive owned a 1990 legacy gt wagon, 2002 gt forester, 2003 wrx wagon, 2005 wrx Sti.


None of them come close to the feelin I get driving the megane, not to mention the grin from ear to ear every time I take it for a drive.

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It never gets old trust me!

Your Meg is already decked out so nothing more you need to do to it.

Am guessing will be spending most of your time washing that black paint!

You're not wrong...

Don't know if it is even possible to ever call it clean. Seems after every wash/clean it only takes about 30secs for something to dirty it or mark it..

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