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Warm Baguette


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Hi all, 


Decided I need a daily that was remotely fun.


Few cars in mine, rattled my head for a while. Ended up with this on Saturday





Megane Sport 225 Cup - one owner with history 

Solid mounts for engine and box 

Aftermarket suspension - not sure who or what. 


Forge Intake that delivers pigeons and whistles. 


Not sure if it has tune or not, but will find out. 


Plans - 


Needs a front lip - links to appropriate ones or cheebay cf lookalike appreciated. 


Passenger window died on Sunday, went down, wouldn't come back up without assistance - not sure if a common issue or the like. 


New drivers seat belt - assume old owner was a larger guy and its not a fan of retracting itself. 


Headunit - want something that takes SD cards and is touch screen.. Suggestions welcomed!

Drive and enjoy. Will get to Collie.

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Should add, my love of these came from this




Spent 8 days in Melbourne last year with a rental - it covered many km's across all the driving roads I could find. Quickly fell in love with it. 



Pretty ideal rental. The older version still looks fantastic, I never grow tired of that look. 

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Is that the one from Gero?

I spent a year in Collie working at Muja. Some great twistie roads through the hills down there. Always enjoyed the the back way to Bridgetown then onto Nannup and through the plantations to Marg River with no cops ever in sight.

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