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Rs275 Stereo And Exhaust


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Hello all,


I am new to the forum and not sure if my questions below have been covered. If so, can you please direct me to the right post.


When i bought my car late last year, the exhaust was releasing pleasant 'snaps' and 'crackles' during gear shifts. After my first 10k service, i noticed this sound reduced significantly. Has anyone else experienced this? I had the service done at an authorised Renault dealer also. 


Regarding the stereo, has anyone successfully upgraded the stereo? if yes, any recommendations for someone in Sydney.



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Yea i did notice the pops and bangs had reduced in comparison to last year but they seem to be coming back as weird as it sounds.


Not sure if fuel quality/brands make a difference.

Dealer service peole told me that the ecu learns your driving style and changes but not sure how true that is.

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I would recommend Fhrx in Syd to do an audio upgrade. If you plan to keep the factory head unit you will need a DSP to remove the awful stock EQ. 


If you dont have issue with the EQ effects then just upgrade the speakers and add a small sub and amp if desired. Even an under seat active sub will do the job nicely. Stock speakers are 5.25" but you can get 6.5"s in there.


If you dont want to keep the factory head unit you will need a fascia kit. Fhrx can supply this im sure otherwise you can find them on ebay, Ryda or other UK based online stores.

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