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Not So Long Time Lurker - Looking At A 172


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Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum, haven't been lurking for long but I am after a cheap daily and something that I could throw around on the weekends. Great forum and looking forward to being part of the community at some point hopefully!


I have spotted a clean looking 172 Sport on Carsales. http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Renault-Clio-2002/SSE-AD-4043429/?Cr=5 


I was hoping it would be advertised here so someone could vouch for its history or the owner. Is anybody aware of this vehicles past?


Cheers, Ben



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I'm not really across what a normal pricing is at the moment ... but that looks well loved on the surface including servicing. If it is actually good?? I wouldn't hang around too long as when they fit that category they tend to go. Good luck. 

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The most expensive service items are the engine belts and they have been done. Bonus points for being done by a known specialist.


70,000 km is quite low -- mine is (and most that age will be) over 150,000 km.


Just descide whether you want a modified car (that car has suspension and exhaust mods) or stock -- they are great stock. Note that pre-2003 models don't have ESP or the extra castor front wishbones. Neither are deal breakers but it means that there are better 172s out there.


IMHO buy on condition and service history not distance. Although low distance is nice, if it'll be your daily driver then it won't matter. (Low distance cars are a bit like buying Leica cameras sealed in their boxes: use them and they lose their value.)


At that price it's near the top end of 172s. A bit more money might get you into a 182 which is a little bit more desirable, but TBH as far as performance goes there is almost no difference between the 172 and 182.


BTW that car has been on carsales a while. So have the two Phase 1s, which is surprising. It's a buyer's market at the moment.

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If you're willing to take some risk and get some work done yourself, this could be a good deal:




I should mention that although RSCs are great driving cars and their fuel economy is teriffic, they are NOT cheap to maintain. They have a big high performance engine stuffed into the front of a tiny little shopping-trolley car, so service and fluids are expensive.


I'm in the process of buying a 172 myself, and have budgeted 3x the purchase price for servicing. :shock:  Luckily I got it cheap, but it needed to be cheap because it needed the belts done which is little change from $1,500.

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I've gotta stop looking at those Phase 1s.


I keep looking at this one sitting in my garage that I have no time to do anything with...

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