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My 265 Rs Cup


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Hi Guys,

Well after advertising my 2014  Liquid Yellow Megane RS 265 for sale there were no takers so decided to keep it if not sold by 1st of July. incendentally the car has been accident free and the 4,300 kms are genuine. I just bought a cheaper 4W Drive rather than a more expensive one for my needs. That was the only reason why I was selling. The car will get little use but will be a treat when I do use it.  :nod:

My main drive is a 1996 VS  commodore wagon which comes in handy leaving at work all day and trips to Bunnings and the shops, and now the 2005 Hyundai Teracan Highlander Crdi turbo diesel with 94,000 kms which is in excellent condition to tow the Macgregor 26 X Trailer Sailor. Incidentally I was quite surprised by the amount of attention the Megane got being used for a year 12 formal. I never really bought the car on its looks but it seemed very popular with the young ones. There were much flashier looking cars there but the Meg held her own and recieved quite a lot of compliments.

Being a naughty boy I put down on Carsales that I sold the Meg for a very very very high price. I know rebook collects sales data from carsales and from this they adjust their average mean prices accordingly. I'm sure its all done electronically. Just wonder how much this will adjust the rebook value for a 2014 Megane RS 265 Cup?  :sicko:

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Interesting yachts those Macgregors. I considered one a few years back but didn't go ahead with it.

Currently using a Windrush 600 on the odd occasion.

Good decision to just buy a cheap towing hack I reckon.

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I remember the Windrush 600 quite well. Nice cat. I have owned two Windrush 14s in the seventies. I was almost going to buy a wind rush 12 ( well my family was )but they released the 14 and bought that. 

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