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Hello. Clio 197 F1 Owner


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Took a punt on buying a Clio about a year ago. Ive never owned a Renault or anything French but always been a fan of hot hatches.

Ive owned a few VWs and Alfas so Im used to the pain and expense of Euro ownership but to be honest I havent had the best experience with this one and Im struggling to track down the cause of a annoying missfire issue.

Anyway look forward to getting involved with the Renault community.  

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Welcome, sorry to hear of your missfire issue. You haven't indicated what has been done to track the problem down. There are people, on the forum, with good knowledge that would be happy to help. If you are into DIY, what have you checked out already? If not, there are recommended specialists (Renault Tech, Paul V) who would be able to resolve. Would suggest checking electricals/ignition including plugs thoroughly as a starter. ( hope I'm not telling you 'how to suck eggs'). When you manage to get it sorted share the knowledge. :)

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Thanks for the welcome fellas.


Ive had the car serviced by Paul at AP Automotive and hes been brilliant.

It came with early Ktech crackle back tune and a sports exhaust that has complicated the diagnosis process. Its back running on the "stock" Ktech file and the coilpacks have been done. Had it scanned on the clip cleared fault codes and live data logged on RStuner but dosent flag any sensor fails or running problems.

Next step is to try swapping out throttle body and pedal potentiometers. Failing that it looks like an ecu problem.


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I had a dodgey crimp on and injector plug once leading initially to missing then to 3 cylinder running. Not convinced it would be that but worth a thought.



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I had a occasional misfire when I first purchased my 197 (2yr old with 8,000km)


Checked everything and finally went back to basics and started by cleaning up all the earths and making sure there was clean, bare metal at all contact points then gave them all a coat of battery terminal anti corrosion spray. Fixed the misfire.


Could be as simple as that :)

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I think i've seen you before a while back, once leaving liverpool kks and also driving on rawson rd before turning onto woodville road...I was in a silver 197 if it does happen to be you!


If not, must've been one of your twins  :mrgreen:


Sorry a bit OT 

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