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Big Hello From Hong Kong


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Welcome aboard Sprint.


Last time I was in HK it was still RH drive but I did notice a few mainlanders in their LH drive cars who could not seem to make up their mind which side of the road they should be on.


Probably in HK to purchase the obligatory half dozen Gucci hand bags or so.... :wink:

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I adore HK. One of my favourite cities in the world. Last time I was there I snapped a pic of a cute little grey 265 in the streets of Wan Chai.


Awesome place. I must get there again this year!

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Was there for New Year and saw two RS265's (both on HK Island)......and about a million Teslas! :)


Danny....when you go back to HK. we stumbled on a great Soho restaurant owned by Taiwan born (but Sydney trained and former Mr Wong) chef Jowett Yu. It's called Ho Lee Fook (so he clearly inherited an Australian sense of humour) and it's brilliant.



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Wow! Thanks guys and very happy to meet you all!


Teslas are tax free here and the annual road tax is only US$200.....


Love Melbourne too and had a taxi to drive me round Albert Park last time. Also went to the cricket ground and saw the Philip Island track.


Would be lovely to do a meet up here



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Not looking hard enough [emoji6]


Pretty sure there is even a dealer near wan chai


Depends what you are looking for in wan chai.


Last time I was in wan chai, I saw some tourist get physically pulled into a door in a shopfront, big suitcase and all, by a group of very determined service providers. It was very funny.. I thought..


I should pay more attention to what's going on with the cars..

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