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  1. Welcome aboard Sprint. Last time I was in HK it was still RH drive but I did notice a few mainlanders in their LH drive cars who could not seem to make up their mind which side of the road they should be on. Probably in HK to purchase the obligatory half dozen Gucci hand bags or so....
  2. Work it out CPW... Its not about running a engine in its about the engine making more power once it loosens up after x amount of km and how getting a tune before this with x amount of km will be Renault are known to have tight engines and can take up to 10,000 km to fully loosen up NOT RUN IN there is a difference A engine should be run in by 1,000km Can someone please explain why after 5,000 8,000 10,000 km the rs 250/265 engine no tune seams to feel better/stronger/more power as people have experienced on this forum (is it because its looser and revs more freely) im just interested as this info has come from some very well known tuners who do custom dyno tunes on Renault rs 250/265 vehicles 10K is your first service and what some of these tuners do could actually prevent manufacturers installing code updates (usually first service) if they are available plus there is more chance of problems occurring in this initial period. The only reason I can see is the tuner wanting you to get all bugs sorted out before they apply a tune is as how they protect that tune as they may say it will "void your power train warranty". Can you tell me of anyone selling a product or service that says don't buy it now but later!!! FYI a basic ECU tuned RS265 has very little noticeable power gain at the top end of the rev range but is significantly better in the midrange due to a healthy torque increase and that has nothing to do with how many KMs the engine has covered.
  3. 8-10K to bed in? It's not a diesel we are talking about here. What difference will it make if it is done on day 1 or at 100000KMs? The relative difference will be the same. My VW was tuned day #2 at 160KM and was considered run in by 500KM and it went on to a long life with quite a few track days on Rs @ 125 deg oil temp and inherent oil surge issues. Just as a matter of interest don't all our engines have a dyno power run at 0 KM before we even get them and "run them in"!!!
  4. Thanks RaindancerAU.. Yes once that diff takes over it really pulls you into the corner so already agree it will be quick out of the corners,just have to see how well it turns in.. My VW was quite good through the turns..too good in fact on Rs as oil surge reared it's ugly head..The main reason I stopped tracking it. I could live with the non LSD post apex problems but not oil starvation. Any high lateral G oil problems encountered with the Meganes???
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    Nice colour. Looks like a big inter-cooler up front too..
  6. Hi All.. Just signed up to the forum. Recently purchased a new RS265 and need to learn the pros and cons of Renault Sport products. Initial impressions of the car are...for a spirited punt through the windy bits it is good,even when encountering mid corner bumps. It is firm in the suspension but compliant and maybe a little soft in the rear torsion beam mountings as seems to have some rear steer which is not a problem at 80%. Brakes seem average for daily use but should be good with the right material at the track. As a daily drive it is not a very comfortable car and ergonomic wise it certainly is not German inspired. Track-day wise(probably the real reason for buying the car)hopefully I can get this one going quicker than my recent VW Golf MK6. In the process of learning about the car's track potential I will probably ask a few questions of you...the experts..and sometime in the future,as I learn,make a meaningful contribution to the forum myself. Thanks all, Stuart1....
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