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Hi Guys, Waiting for delivery of my Demo Rs 265 Cup in liquid yellow.

I bought it in Sydney with approx 1800 Klms. Its a 2014 model. Has balance of new car warranty.

Took one for a test drive up here but the salesman didn't go down to the price i was willing to pay

so had to get one in Sydney. Hope it gets picked up soon as the truck company is currently on holidays.


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Welcome to the forum Rick and congrats on the purchase. You will love it! Are you Brissy based? Hopefully will see you on a run sometime :)

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Hi Jason,

No I work and live in Gympie. 2 hours north of Brisbane. The Megane was no where on my buying radar to be quite honest.

I had put a deposit down on a 2006 BMW Z4 Coupe  silver grey with red leather interior at a Sports Car yard in Brisbane.

The car only had 30,000 klms on it. I was approved on the finance but the bank (a very big well known bank) didn't want to do business with that dealership. Never ever came across that before. Fronted the car yard and bottom line is the deal fell through with my deposit. I had a few other cars in mind and test drove a new Toyota 86 but felt the car was a bit too young for my age demograph. I am 53 years old. Not really happy with the build quality and for Gods sake why bother putting rear seats in a car where there is no way you can honestly fit any one in the back? The car i test drove felt quite loose and had a few rattles as well.

Did my research on the net and found the Megane RS 275 review. Price was out of my league even 2nd hand so settled for 2nd best the 265 Cup. Saw a couple of good buys 2nd hand two 8.08s with extremely low klms but was put off by two things.  Both were 2012's so buying these cars would have meant no balance of new car warranty. Buying a European car with no warranty even though the klms were extremely was weighing on my mind even when considering buying the Z4 Coupe. The 2nd was I am not a real fan of 19 inch wheels on a car that will be used as my main drive. So i went looking for a later model car and found two. One was up here on the Sunshine Coast. It was a used car with 8000 klms.I made an appointment with the Dealer and turned up Saturday afternoon. Never seen one in the flesh I was instantly impressed and thought it looked better in real life. The liquid yellow paint work has a real depth to it and was extremely impressed with the finish. That was the colour i definitely wanted. The salesman had no idea about the car and when asked where was the sports mode switch he couldn't find it and said this model probably doesn't have one...right! So I test drove it in normal mode and thought this was really nice the handling was superb . After getting back to the dealership we made a call to Renault and they told us where the switch was. I didn't bother taking it out for another drive as I was already impressed with it in normal mode. He missed out on doing the deal by $600. I was firm in my buying price. So I walked. I found another car in Sydney from an actual Renault Dealer with only 1,800 klms and still has 4 years left of the New car warranty. It is a late 2014 build car.I bought the car over the phone. I will be registered as the first owner as it was only previously owned by Renault Australia. I was told it was just one of the Managing Director's cars from Renault. I secured this car for $34,400. Including gst.

I paid an extra $500 for shipping and I will still have to pay for stamp duty and rego in Queensalnd. Still all in all I think a good price.It will owe me around $37,500 on road. Just waiting now on it being delivered. I have been tempted to fly down and jst drive it up on an unregistered vehicle permit but I have my Motor bike a BMW K1300R to get me around and the weather has been pretty good so will just be patient and wait.

HaPpY NeW yEaR EvErY bOdY  :hyper:

Rick :sicko:

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Nice story Rick. Enjoy the new beast sounds like you have done very well!


Look forward to your first impressions in sport mode! Definitely a different car in sport mode. Much angrier all round.


Ps way better than a Z4 up here in my view... :)

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