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OZRenaultSport STICKERS...

Would you put a small OZRenaultSport Sticker on your car??  

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  1. 1. Would you put a small OZRenaultSport Sticker on your car??

    • NO! I hate Stickers ("there sticky and stuff")
    • Yes! If it looks good ("or goes with my outfit")
    • Just a crap idea

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I'm not one for stickers on my car, hate'em actually.


However, it is one method we use to support and advertise the Forum.


In saying that one of the Posts in the Newbie section had a Clio with a small but noticeable K-TEC sticker on the front bumper and someone else had a JANSPORT (i think) sticker on the bonnet.




I'd be alot more willing to place one of these on my Clio than a bigger one.


Maybe something similiar can be kept in mind for the next set of OZRenaultsport Stickers, I'd be willing to design them if there was enough support for them.


Would you go for this???

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I think they have some .... not sure i have not seen any yet ....


But i would like one, clear background, white letters and logo, slim classy looking


Something like this




As an idea


I've got a trimmed down version of the current sticker on my car but I really like that one ^^^ too, aswell as the cliosport.net sticker...

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Not really keen on the idea of sticking stuff on painted surfaces.. I believe the original idea was to get away from the small www.com computer cut vinyl (something about being affluent and stuff)



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