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  1. So, I purchased an RS last Sunday w00t !!! It's getting a much needed bath over the weekend then I'll take some pics and create a new thread. Stay tuned!
  2. G'day Moosey. I still remember your Mk1 from back in the day. Not an inner westy mate, I was a lone ranger, from the Sutherland Shire. It has it's perks, I currently live around 5 mins from the start of the National Park ???? The wagons have caught my eye mate but I'm afraid they won't pack enough punch from what I'm used to. I may have to line up a test drive. I think they'll be in the same boat as the Skoda Octavia RS wagons, I love the look of them but I drove one but it didn't really excite me.
  3. Hey mate, tallish. If I remember correctly you had a white lancer coupe as a daily?
  4. Hey Walkie, Yep, AB non cup. Was only on sportline springs though. Good to see plenty familiar names still around. Cheers
  5. Just found a pic of the old steed too...
  6. Hi All, Definitely not a newbie but didn't know where else to put this.... Not sure if any of the old school Sydney crew will remember me but way back in 2005 I had an Arctic Blue 182 (non-cup). It was a great little car which I owned for around 3 years but unfortunately I had to sell it to raise funds for a house deposit. Fast forward 10 years, a house, a baby, a Forester XT, a Focus XR5 and a WRX later, I find myself poking around these forums once again Being out of touch with all things Renaultsport, I had a quick search of carsales to see what was about, and how much they were worth. Two works - F*@CK ME. How many variants of the one model do you want to make !!!! Surely no other mark has done what Renault has with the Megane III.... Anywho, I'm in the final stages of selling my current car so the search is on. My challenge, find the best Megane III I can for $20K and convince the Mrs that I can fit a baby seat in one wish me luck
  7. [Revs]

    Hello Hello

    Great choice mate Welcome
  8. BUMP Did anyone else watch Speedweek today ?? That was some top racing Bryan, well done The ongoing battle with the 380 was great to watch.
  9. Another shoutout to Brendan. Just had a proper look at the shirt and they turned out sweet A+++++ recommended will buy again
  10. I saw the Clio in action on Speedweek today. Looked great but I was a little disappointed in the coverage. There was a fair bit of footage of the Pug and also the last placed Satria Gti but hardly any of the RSC. I'm not even sure the commentators knew what the car was...it was only mentioned as car 66 Anyway, congrats on getting the car to this stage and I look forward to seeing more of it in the future
  11. Id like to offer a warm welcome to the forums newest member: clitrubbingfoxxx
  12. Its true.......Arctic Blue for the win Welcome Hussey
  13. After seeing them in the flesh, you can put me down for one too Cheers
  14. [Revs]

    ANOTHER n00b!

    Congrats and welcome Red Good to see another Clio owner from the shire.
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