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New Rs200 Owner - First Time Euro


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Hi guys,


just took delivery of my new Clio RS200 this morning in White...cant wait to get some more KM's into it.


I was looking for something with 4 doors, fun, and auto (for the wife to drive) and it came down to either the RS200, Polo GTI, Pulsar SSS or Ford focus sport.... after test driving them all I felt the drive was more engaging in the Clio and with their current finance terms it was an easy decision.


I've always played around with cars and have been active in their communities (Tx3, 180sx, AE86 and most recently Nissan Cube) so it wont be long until a new set of wheels find their way onto the car.... since it's my first euro car the windsheild has been getting a good clean today :P


looking forward to getting to some meets




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Welcome, great choice have 1300klms on mine(white) and love it.The finance deal is great.



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Welcome! Such a great car... has out since the end of September and already around 3K done.


Finance deal a no-brainer.


Have you seen the thread about the RX8 space-saver?


yeah i saw that - going to start looking for one soon... let me know if you see one kicking around somewhere

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Welcome mate. Been waiting for someone to put some interesting rims on a IV! Plenty of Evo V OZ F1 floating around amongst other tasty rims on eBay 8)

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