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Incoming Rs275 Trophy Owner


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Hi All,


My name's Luke and i have been lurking on here for a little while before deciding to pull the trigger on a liquid yellow RS 275 Trophy. 


I drove both the 265 cup & the 275 trophy and it was a pretty easy decision despite some of the quirks between the two models.


It's due end of next week so i can't wait although i'm currently getting around in an FPV F6 as my daily drive so i'm not lacking for fun vehicles in the mean time. The 275 will be my daily drive in peak hour which will be interesting but totally worth it.


I will try and get out to one of the sydney / nsw meets once I have spent a bit of time in the drivers seat.

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After 3 years in the automotive equivalent of a very fast arm chair, it will be nice to have something that can change direction rapidly.


I have had a few gtr's and 200's in the past so it will be nice to get back into something so fun to drive.


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Welcome, time will take forever waiting for next week. My sons mate came over last night in the same Megane 275 in Liquid Yellow.....great colour matches my Clio 4

Will see you on some runs


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Sweet!!!! Enjoy...

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Looks Good!  You will love it!  Look forward to your impressions after it is run in fully and you get to bounce it off the limiter a couple of times...  They are a beast!

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