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New Look - Help??


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Hey all..


I have been fiddling with new look skins for the site, at least one which can incorporate our card graphics and colour schemes..


I have downloaded a file from the phpbb mob, and need some help with getting it up and live. Specifically someone who has the newest card graphics and can modify the backgroung and colours to suit.


Any show of hands?? I am ok with html, but this phpbb?? Crikey! I feel like a ninkompoop :?


I have tried using a ftp program, but got even more confused..


Would love to get the site with a fresh new look.. but feel a bit stoopid..


Paul :?

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I'm with you on feeling a little ninkampoopish when it comes to this stuff, but I have all the image files for the card of course :P


I had a look at some of the skins and thought the following may be adaptable - tell me if any of these were also in your shortlist:


    BB Lite

Cheers, Dish.

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thanks for the offer.. i think we semi decided on the morpheus orange..


or has anyone seen the epixel?? this may be good for our colours..




any ideas on either of these two skins?


Dish, can you PM rex with the graphics from the cards?




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Hey Lads,


I'll get those files emailed (late) tonight. Working til 10pm, so won't get to the computer til probably 11 tonight... damn I hate retail!

I'll try to take a squiz at the Morpheus one too, but yeah ePixel was a goodie.


Cheers, Dish.

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You're work one.. dunno why it didnt work..


Alternatively, heres the link to download it wherever you are..






http://www.phpbb.com/phpBB/catdb.php?mo ... &id=977704


hestia (which is cool also)



iris - similar to hestia



does that help? whatever you think would work the best with the orange and grey of the card graphics.




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The links to the graphics off the thread dont work anymore..




Can you please email Rex the graphics?


I have managed to a file which i have email to you Rex (at work)



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Err, our good friend Rex-Static is a very busy man.. He has offered to help us out in the next few months..


If anyone else is putting their hand up with some php experience, nows the time!!


Sorry to get everyones hopes up..

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