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Well despite the lack of interest, i'm still chasing it. The words are too small for this guy to print out properly, so we could have them twice their size and in white. Infact change all the writing into white. Then print on a black BG. Otherwise, we have source a diferent one, and that means something like 30 bucks for each sticker so they can print directly over clear sticker and be the same as what we see all colours remain.


So for the 4 or 5 of us showing interest....


I could change the thing... hope grant won't mind... and pay a bit more for a bit less...


We could print it from say signorama properly but pay huge amounts each. Honestly I don't really mind...


the original design



and the alternative (mock up)


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Count me in for one....I'll also need to get some cards because I might have my new RCS182 (not Cup now) on Friday !!!!!! Long-ish story, I'll post a new thread in a sec.


BTW I like the black background one better....and there needs to be room for my Red V member sticker as well so don't make it too big. Go the Dragons ! :wink:




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it looks like people do like teh black bg version... although... Grant... i beilieve designed teh original and I'd much prefer the owner of the sticker design do the changes... rather than me touching something that i didn't create.


Anyway the sticker is probably going to be 30cm long... 25-30 because any smaller we'd have real trouble with the words... which was the problem with the original design... they don't come out on normal screen priting... and having them printed digitally at 30 bucks each... well i think only I will buy one... so yeah. Still got plenty of cards left, when ever you want them let me know! Be interesting to read about hte 182!!!

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yeah dont wont to sound like a whinger and a tight a*** here... but i think $30 is abit much. especially when i willg o through about 2 stickers a year, as i am sure it will start to get abit sh*tty and peal on the edges after a year, like any sticker does.


what about a simple... " Ozrenaultsport.com" sticker. in silver lettering about 30cm long. i have had these made up before for my old car club, was $10 a sticker. they could go nicely on the side windows, or the back windo.


just a suggestion.


the other ones look great though.


also how do the aussiefrogs lettering get printed out agian? they are smaller lettering too?

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what about a simple... " Ozrenaultsport.com" sticker. in silver lettering about 30cm long


I would like a sticker as well but I dont like the current design (as a sticker anyway). Especially not in black and 30cm long.


I agree with Renault. How about just the url about 20-30cm long in silver letters maybe.



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nah i'm definetly for the Sticker design that looks like the Cards...


Guys, just my 2.2c here, and I'm sorry for not having been able to do this before, but did you want a reworking of the business card design for the sticker? The show of hands for stickers was certainly smaller than for cards, so I never put the effort in - sorry :oops:


But it can be done... as well as the RCCA reworking that I will be doing (sorry Nate, but it's been a pretty full-on couple of months for me).


Grant's effort was pretty good, however I think it needs to be simpler (so that makes it 4.4c now). Oh, and I think the "web forum" & "mailing list" bits are in the wrong order!! How come nobody picked this up??? Lucky they haven't been printed yet fellas!

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firstly to clear some confusions...


the original design can not be printed easily, and hence for all the words to come out, especially the small ones it has to be printed digitally or something... and my printer can't do it. The ones that can do it, he recommanded Signorama which i have already gotten a quote from, and that is 30.


My printer how ever can do one, provided that the bg be non clear, and the smaller words much bigger than the original design. He made a print of the original one and the smaller words didn't come out, plus the words colour was grey... wont work on the glass he says. Being a professional, and i have seen his other work... i'd trust me more than our own guesses.


And to print through him is about 7 8 bucks depending on qantity really. But it looks like there might be enough to remain at that price.


The stickers themselves should be 3M adheisives (sp?), i've seen them, good stuff.


I think the sticker designs are fine, i've taken out the "join 2 diverse blah blah" cause I thought that was just taking valuble space...


also, to have just the web site address is not possible. There TWO sites, and there always has been. To print one or the other is not fair. We could very well have 2 addresses... but i thought that'd be just boring.

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