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Long Term Lurker Soon To Be Rs 265 Owner


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Hi everyone,


After being a serial lurker on the forum, I'm looking at joining the Renault Sport fold very soon! My weekend car is a PRB clubman (owned for 10 years) however After years of owning Alfas as my daily drivers (GTV, 147 and currently a 159 Ti), i think I need some spice back in my daily driver life.

I've always known about the superior handling of the RS cars, and I love the style ( in fact I bought my wife a 2014 Megane GT Wagon recently), but still I have a few newbie questions regarding the RS 265......

I must admit I haven't test driven one yet, but I have watched every YouTube review and article if that counts.

My interest is in a 2014/2015 model RS 265 cup OR premium. Must admit I LOVE the Recaros so May be the premium purely on this.


* I lease my cars for 4-5 years and then change. what depreciation could I expect after 4-5 years? Based on current values, it appears it may bring $20,000 (or roughly retain 50% value in that timeframe) ?


* The 5 year warranty appeals in the new models, but if I was to consider the last of the 2013 models (maybe an RB8 or cup trophee), are there any known issues I should know about? (Considering the 3 year warranty will expire in the next 1-2 years).


* I read on the forum somewhere that new 265 premiums have been haggled for $42,990. If that's the case, what does that make the current advertised 2014 plated cars worth (happy to take PM's on this one!)


Thanks in advance.

PS- Is anyone going to Cars and Coffee this Sunday?



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Hi Russ,


Welcome I am a new owner as well. Best car I have ever owned. So good in fact that I have begun selling them. If you want to have a chat message me and we can talk or feel free to come into Sydney City Renault where I work.

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Hi Russ,


Welcome to the forum.  Lots of great information here on the forum and great folks with lots of knowledge too.  I understand the deliberations looking at the work vehicle thing.  A cautionary note with that is to ensure to factor in a little slice of "whaddyawant" into the equation, otherwise you may find the spreadsheet pointing you to something for more generic - probably a brand starting with a "T"...  Depreciation on the RS is most likely to be higher than some other vehicles, that is true. But so is the smile on the dial every time you park your butt in the driver's seat.


The RS cars have an "X" factor that won't probably find its way onto your cost equation, but will absolutely knock it out of the park in the value equation if fun and enjoyment of the drive every single time counts for anything.


That you have a clubman means you understand the enjoyment of the raw essence of motoring (I too have a clubman).  The RS Meg is enjoyable in a completely different way, (way more civilized, and you don't get wet if it rains) but I hazard to say will be right up there on your best elapsed time through your favourite twisty roads.  And it looks amazing just sitting in the coffee shop car park on Sunday morning as you try and work out what the longest way home is without being missed because you have been asked to go get some milk for the family....  :roll:


Hopefully your financial equation works out for you and you get an RS - there are some fantastic deals on the 265's around to sweeten that side of it all - as you certainly will love driving it long after the accountant needs CPR when you tell him what you have done...  :mrgreen:

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I know what you mean.  Just means we have to go faster to make up for lost time...  lol

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