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  1. Congrats Great choice! I have the same model only 2 months old. Still putting a smile On my face every morning and afternoon. Where are you based, I'm in Hills district.
  2. It's finally arrived! Picked up my pearl white 265 premium today and couldn't be happier. Took some twisty bits on the way home and WOW- what an awesome car... In fact it may even give my Clubman a run for its money. Loved the way the LSD pulled me through the corners, yet still seemed foolproof enough with slight under steer on intial turn in. Glad someone is still making fun cars in this boring day and age!
  3. Thanks very much for the replies Amjam and no152! I have noticed many of the RS owners are very like minded with their car choices. Makes me think I've been dragging the chain all these years!
  4. Hi everyone, After being a serial lurker on the forum, I'm looking at joining the Renault Sport fold very soon! My weekend car is a PRB clubman (owned for 10 years) however After years of owning Alfas as my daily drivers (GTV, 147 and currently a 159 Ti), i think I need some spice back in my daily driver life. I've always known about the superior handling of the RS cars, and I love the style ( in fact I bought my wife a 2014 Megane GT Wagon recently), but still I have a few newbie questions regarding the RS 265...... I must admit I haven't test driven one yet, but I have watched every Y
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