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Rought Condition Clio 172 In Adelaide


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hello guys,


I bought a rought clio 172 cheap in Adelaide a week ago. it has some electical cremlins (need to find this ground issue), front and rear strut bar, aftermarket adjustable suspension kit, an aftermarket air intake which was not fixed (temporary done now), a air exit hose has been blocked and the engine sounds at low rev like the pistons are fighting each others, the front screen water tank is leaking and i am prety sure that the air co is not working, the roof fan to filter the air is noisy (second hand part on the way), the battery look to be a shorter version than the stock one. As i said, the car is in rough condition but still put a smile on my face when i drive it. I need to find this ground issue and then i will be happy for one month. After a run on greenhill road, the car is a monster in cornering... I was at 80 almost all the way up hill and was not even close to the traction limit.


I found a good euro specialist mechanic in Adelaide and if the car survived a go at mallala in August, i promissed myself to bring it back to his glory with few thousands euros. I will start with time belt, plug lead and ignition coil pack. It may even get an enginer rebuilt if we consider that this closed hose is not hiding more issues.

On a 13 year car i am thinking of changing most of the hose too. Did anybody ever try the forge silicon coolant hoose and intake hose on a clio? any comments?


by the way, i cannot find a renault sport club in south australia... is there one? 




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Hi Fabien,


There's a lot of information in the Clio II tech threads here, if you can be a bit more specific on the electrical gremlins, are there warning light's specific things not working etc?


The small fan in the roof is to monitor the cabin temp as far as I know, over time they just get dirty/dusty and can be cleaned and that usually quietens them down a bit.


The F4R engine can have a tendency to be noisy at idle, I would suggest maybe contacting another Adelaide based member on here and maybe let them have a listen and compare?


The leaking washer tank could be the headlight washers, had this issue on both of my cars where the tank would empty in a day.


Adelaide must be the best city in Australia to own a Clio SPort, with quick and easy access to so many good roads, enjoy!

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i had a go at green hill road up in the ills the other week... the car feels amazing in the twisty road and was keeping the 80km/h on the top twisty road. It was a blast. The only guy having more fun was probably the one with the 205 gti which was hoping from one corner to the other one.

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step 2 is done:

the belts, water pump, ignition, leads, spark, oil, silicon hose


the next step is mallala on the 13th August.


the following two are:

-mechanical check (rattling noise on the front left from stop position, small noise on the rear right suspension, alternator pully out of rubber)

-paint and fiber glass work


-15x7 or 15x8 wheels with 205

-more power :)

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