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New Clio R.s. 200 Owner


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Why Hello there OzRenaultSport and members within :), My names David (alias Crypt) and I recently (within the last 2 months) purchased a Renault Clio RS 200 in black (photos to come).


Thought I'd join a forum for the brand and this little pocket rocket that I am loving every moment of and maybe attend a meet or cruise if they happen :)


So bit of background, Why Renault and why an RS200, mainly I have a love affair of French cars and their quirks having previously owned a 2006 Citroen C4 VTS my love affair for the country and their cars grew stronger when I met a fellow named John who as I remember it is based in Hornsby Heights in Sydney who serviced and looked after my Citroen, John's specifics wasn't just as a mechanic but also as automotive restoration, I remember always turning up for a service and seeing 4-5 Citroen DS21's parked ready to be restored, a Citroen SM and up on a hoist an Renault Alpine.


Because I always liked to have a yarn and poke my head around all these amazing projects I grew an appreciation and love for the French automotive Indsutry.


So the Clio, well in short for a while (2-3 Years) I drove around in a Japanese Buzz box that was as dull as anything and slightly depressing, I eventually wanted something that was fun to drive, a little unique and French, doing my research I came across the Clio RS200 and was imediately in awe at the performance and how much it punches above it's weight. 


2 months ago I bit the bullet and decided to have my very own Clio RS200, a black one with black wheels, Carbon Fibre Badges and an RS shift knob (courtesy of the previous owner), in the 2 months I've had it I've loved every moment and can't describe how happy I am to be in something that's incredibly fun to drive and French.


The End


Seriously sorry about the novel

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