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  1. Would love to see some photos of the FD if you have some! Would love to add one to the garage at some stage... Alex Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Akra transformed the driving experience of my car. Have a look at the sound clip I just posted on my 'Members Rides' thread Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. If your roads are smooth, I would recommend a set of springs or good coilovers if your budget allows. Exhaust is also a must for me but you've already done it. Other than that just get out and drive it! Nice colour
  4. Get the Clio 3 200. You will not regret it. 90% as fast as the Meg 3 on a flowing twisty road Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I am on P plates and love my 200. Sure, it's not the fastest thing in a straight line, but on a twisty road with sticky tyres, not much under $100k will be faster. Last weekend with all seats and a strut brace installed, I loaded 4 wheels and tyres into the back, a big toolbox, trolley jack, jack stands, compressor and 2 helmets no worries. I also filled up in Melbourne, drove to Phillip Island, did around 20-25 laps and then drove home on the same tank. Can't do all that in a Megane... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Brilliant stuff, looking forward to a few flicks
  7. As per title suggests, what's the go? It says the forum has moved to incision zone. How can I make it work on tapatalk? Alex
  8. Thanks so much Dan! I'm stoked to have it, I've spent the last year cleaning and detailing it to the enth degree. Yes I am car obsessed, once I sold my KTM this was my new pride and joy before it was even mine
  9. Thanks for the advice everyone ill definitely try the stock airbox method, but being the type of person I am I will definitely be keen to tinker and muck around with it. Will probably buy an itg open cone with a samco pipe and cold air feeding from round the light and grill!
  10. Thanks guys, KTEC sounds good but will have to pay rego first! Very exciting, 1 month till I can drive it about. First purchase will be a set of direzza starspec Z1's. They're supposed to be amazingly tacky and pretty close to an R-spec tyre but not. Also would love an OMP front strut brace and obviously an exhaust but they're pretty expensive for someone still in high school!
  11. what would be your recommendation for a DIY intake in terms of filter type, whether i source air from fog, keeping in mind I want to maximize intake noise but not loose power. Any power gain is just an added bonus
  12. Domlebo, I'm considering taking out a foglight, running piping up to an open cone filter with a samco pipe and might do a bit og heat proofing round the cone. Something that gives a nice roar. I've heard running a direct feed from fog light can cause them to run lean though?
  13. Hey All, So I know I've already made a few newbie posts about little things like springs, tyres and exhausts, but I thought I'd introduce myself. So about 2 years ago, I convinced my Dad to buy a black 182 Cup for his girlfriend, as I'm huge a petrol head and knew about Renault Sports in hope that maybe one day I'd get it. Anyway, we got the car home and Dad loved it so much he wouldnt let her drive it. 2 years down the track, I am 17 and 11 months and need a car for P's. So I decided to buy the car off him for a reduced price given that he is looking at a 250/265/200 (unsure yet). So this is my new 182! So far its bone stock, 77,000km and is pretty damn clean. Needs a new set of tyres, and I'm super keen for it to make a bit more noise but I'm on a limited budget. Will be considering for DIY intake but, and maybe looking at a piper exhaust? You'll probably see it around fitzroy/northcote/prahan a lot. Anyway just thought I'd introduce myself! Cheers, Alex
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