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Love A Fast Clio


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Just found this.  Bodes well for future RS220 Trophy owners.  Who needs a $200k+ supercar to have fun...?  Nobody on this forum, cos we know the secret of our little French beauties...  :D


An interesting comparison of 220Hp (albeit in a race prepped one make car on slicks) versus an Audi R8 V10 with 520HP on the track. Who said the Clio IV was soft...?  lol




For the track...




And for the road...




Looks amazing in any colour (although I am little biased towards white with black roof...   :D )




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Take her for a test drive - that will likely seal the deal... Everybody happy then :)

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Unfortunately the 220 will not be anywhere close to the Clio CUP...



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Likely true, but you could get one, add $35k in suspension, brake and transmission upgrades and still probably save $200k over the cost of the Audi.  Punching above its weight anyway you look at it, bringing affordable performance to mere mortals.


I am just so pleased that a manufacturer bothers to try.  In my opinion, it would be so much easier for a car maker to design and build a performance car to sell for $350k+ than to build one that is quick and fun to drive, selling for a fraction of that.  Sure lots try, but not too many seem to do it well.  


Luckily Renault seem to have turned fettling hot hatches into an art form!


I certainly, however, appreciate that the Clio Cup race car is a different (and faster) beast than the 220 will be off the showroom, as you point out.

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