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  1. congrats mate awesome car choice! Black is an awesome colour - don't regret it. look on the bright side, at least you will be forced to give it the love it deserves - 2 washes a week lol! do you have a garage? I used to have a black car but it was parked outside... it was always a mission to find a nice spot clear from trees/power lines/bird poos. The Mrs never understood why I would prefer to park 200 meters away when there were free spots right outside our apartment lol.. I'll only ever go black cars again once I have the garage space for it =) pics please!
  2. thats an awesome R27 enjoy and welcome. FD is a perfect 2nd car as well awesome car combo!
  3. good choice man! I've also previously owned 2 Galant vr4s! Renault Sports are next level! enjoy
  4. awesome choice in car. one of my favourites in my favourite colour. nice one!
  5. jong

    My 182's

    Hi welcome. I'm in London - very rare to see a nice 182. The few times i have, i've dropped everything and turned my head as though a supercar had just driven by...
  6. welcome! car looks amazing!!
  7. good choice in rims/tyres Scott good to see you've joined the forums! Any suspension plans?
  8. jong

    New 182 Owner

    it should pop off welcome!
  9. i'm glad to hear this - no kids as yet but let's just say i'm starting to collect good reasons for me to still have a 2 door RS and the wife to have the clio RS200 edc in a couple of years time. so baby seats, prams in the boot etc are no issue for you? plan B is a golf gti dsg =( But i'd rather a his and hers RS set up!
  10. good choice. show us some pics!
  11. jong

    Love A Fast Clio

    Just awesome. Gonna try convince the Mrs to get one in a couple of years to keep whatever RS i may have company.. hopefully can use the 4 door factor as a good excuse or maybe i should just show her this video lol!
  12. awesome choice! clio 182 always a pleasure to drive! enjoy it mate
  13. great choice of car you won't regret it!
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