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POME invader.


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Hello All,


Just migrated over here from England and, being a complete petrolhead, decided to import my Renault 5 GT Turbo.


Been looking through ADR's and it looks like i've got a bit of paprework on my hands before the 5 hits the streets.


Still use www.rtoc.org (Renault Turbo Owners Club) in UK but, i thought i'd check out this site. Seems like there's some very useful info.


I'm based in Toowoomba and as far as I can work out, Springwood Renault is my nearest dealer?


Look forward to chatting to you soon.


Woz. :wink:

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G'day Woz and welcome,

There is at least one 5 turbo owner on this forum and he should

be able to offer some advice on getting the car street legal in Oz.


cheers, :)

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Welcome! If all immigrants brought over fine machines like this, why would we want to tighten our immigration policies down? Perhaps we should encourage government to make it compulsory to bring one exotic/historic/classic vehicle per person when applying for residency... better than seeing all our classics disappear overseas!


Hope you get it on the road soon Woz!

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Thanks Guys,


If I can get it on the road i'll make the trip out to Brisbane for the meet at Highway Euro Springwood.


Thanks again. Look forward to meeting you in person. 8)

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