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Hello chaps, a few people have pointed me in the direction of this website (i believe my Irish partner in crime has already been on here? Yoz)


i see there are few familiar people on here fom the UK (stevie P for example)



i hope to do another Aus visit this year, but work is non stop!!!



If anyone needs any tech advise, then please feel free to ask! I hate paying labour rates for mechanical work and try to encourage people to do it themselves!!


anyway, that's my intro over





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Hey there Fred, nice to see you join our forum.


Make sure your suitcase has a pair of Brembo Sport Slotted rotors for me :wink:


If you make it over here you'll have to come along on one of our drive days.




PS - Are there any Brembo Sport Slotted rotors lying around on the shelves in the UK or are you guys only able to get the drilled like us here?

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we currently have neither, our supplier has only just found out that brembo do slotted 280mm rotors!


we've run slotted before, i'll get Yoz to post a picture up that may interest/surprise you


we normally use the Brembo GrpN plain high carbon discs


drilled i wouldn't touch (i have hispec drilled rotors on mine, they're about as good as the aussies are at rugby! :wink:)









(i know, i know, english sense of humor takes some getting use to!!)

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Can someone arrange the livestock transportation paperwork so I can export him over to you lot in OZ.


he can start sending me a few Motecs over then :wink:




What kind of stock is he calssified as? I mean, like we don't need them mad cow things right? :wink: although... motec... hmm its tempting even with mad cow...

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I believe he is classed as a swine.








sorry, with swine fever, nypa, foot and mouth, etc,

just too many disease issues,

quarantine would never let him in the country


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