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Buying Reno's Soon!


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Hi all, great site, looks like a lot happens in here.


My partner and I are looking at trading in the Golf and the Pug 206 GTI 180 for a Megane Cup (God knows which one) and a Clio cup this year. After reading all the model specs and lists I'm as confused as ever! So I'll sit up the back row for a bit and see what I can learn. Cheers MnT

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Welcome. It took me a while to come to terms with the last edition of the 265 list of models. People here were helpful in sorting it through. The current 265 crop is easy though (standard and premium), as well as the 275. The Clio 4 rs200 is also not too complicated, just an additional thought on the cup/non-cup chassis is all.

The bottom line I realised after living with my rs265 trophy + was that anything with that engine and chassis would have put a smile on my face. I do like my seats and cornering xenon lights but spending a lot less would have made little difference I think.

Enjoy shopping!

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