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New Rs 250 Trophee Owner From Qld


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Hi all,


Just picked up a fully loaded grey RS250, late 2011, 29 000km, immaculate and got it for a steal!


Have had it for 24 hours and only driven to and from work in wet rainy weather but so far I am loving it! Immense grip, nice sound, best seats! Not too many mods planned, but in the process of the below:


- Black diamonds on front and back

- Debadge 'Megane'

- Mid box chop

- Short aerial

- Stage 1 Bluefin


My previous car (which I'm selling at the moment) is a 2010 370Z which I loved, but being a car nut - time for something different hence the Megane. Before the Nissan I had a 2010 Golf GTI which is a great all rounder but lacks the Megane's sharpness.


Looking forward to some cruises etc. Cheers

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Congrats mate and welcome.


If you haven't already I would do some research into the blufin as well as the RSTuner products.

I used to have a Blufin and in the end got rid of it due to some funny Air Fuel numbers.


I have found that plenty of the members here use and love the RSTuner product not only for the gains but also for the features it offers out of the box.

Not to mention Henk the guy who owns fastchip and is the seller of this product knows more about our conditions and fuel then any other tuner IMO. 


just do a search for RSTuner and you will see for yourself.

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Hi mate,


Yes I have read in regards to those issues on the Bluefin systems so still in 2 minds with which way to go. I already have the hand controller, as I had a 2010 Golf GTI with a bluefin tune and loved it. I brought up the issue with Aus/NZ Bluefin rep and got the below response:


"I do, trust all is ok. The issue with the Megane running too lean is where the gases aare measured. Most places stick a probe up the exhaust and measure it there; wrong. They need to be measured at the front of the downpipes by taking a sensor out and plugging a probe in there. This is where Renault measure the AFRs and so do we. By the time it gets to the end of the exhaust it is lean, as you'd expect. We have no issues with any of the tunes so far, including engine issues due to leaness."


Bluefin is a pretty substantial company so I'm hoping everything will be fine, but will reconsider RSTuner. What are the prices like for us?

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they are about eh same as a blufin mate.



yeah they are pretty big.

I also had help from the AUS/NZ Rep to the point he actually visited my house in QLD on one of his trips down here.


the AFRs readings that were being taken for my car were actually taken int eh same area he recommended.

Look i'm not trying to fling mud all I'm sayign is Welcome to a great community and keep your options open.


I find that what works for one car brand usually doesn't always work for another.

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I've been running a Bluefin tune for 20,000km. No issues. Goes well enough for a daily driver. Never had my afr's checked. Dealer serviced who knows about it. No issues at all. I previously owned a Mk5 Gti also. It was tuned also. Not Bluefin however. Welcome mate.


Thanks for the feedback mate. What was your experience with the performance? Considerable difference? I am hoping for more mid range which I should get no problem but also a bit more torque lower in the range as I am finding it quite laggy at the moment.

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