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  1. I've been running a Bluefin tune for 20,000km. No issues. Goes well enough for a daily driver. Never had my afr's checked. Dealer serviced who knows about it. No issues at all. I previously owned a Mk5 Gti also. It was tuned also. Not Bluefin however. Welcome mate.
  2. Welcome Trish. Congrats on the purchase. Best colour IMO. Save up for a Blue fin and unleash some hidden power. You know you want to. Come for a criuse down south via The Nasho park and sea cliff bridge. All the nicest Renault owners live in the Illawarra.
  3. Where are you in Wollongong. ?
  4. Great story. I started my working life in spare parts the the local Holden Dealer back in 1979 when the new VB Commodore had not long been released. I remember my first weeks pay was a massive $62. Times have changed and I hope you are being paid as a Spare Parts Interpreter.
  5. Yes I am. I've even passed this on to the salesman I purchased the car from. He just spent the last few days in Melbourne driving the RS265 back to back with the VW Scirocco. Of course he preferred the RS but he also said he couldn't notice any difference between the RS250 and the RS265. I took a few more photos of my car today. I'll post them in the gallery section.
  6. Problem sorted. I have now discovered that if you have "Auto Dipping of Headlamps" deactivated in the customisation menu then the DRL's don't work. The dealer didn't know that either. Apparently this has changed in the RS265 and you can even vary the intensity of the DRL's in the "Settings" menu. I am learning about French logic. There isn't any. LOL.
  7. Hi Kaesh and Adrian, I raced many years ago at Huntley Hill Climb. Back in the day I had a turbo HR Holden. I haven't been for quite a while. I think they just has some Championships there recently. Kaesh, I found your add. $570 sounds like a good deal. Mark is looking after me as always. We had my GTI cracking pretty hard.
  8. Yes, well we both know how efficient and logical the German's are.
  9. Noob question. Can't find the answer in my owners manual. Do the DRL's only work in daylight ? i.e. is there a sensor that turns them off when it's dark because I can't get mine to work at all but it's dark right now. DOH !!!! My book says you can turn them on and off in the "Settings Menu" but I can't find that in the settings either.
  10. I'm not laughing. Told the dealer that today. It is down right embarrassing.
  11. It looks like it would snap like a carrot. Dog is free to a good home, or a bad one. He's a menace. First criticism of the Megane. WTF is the go with the horn. ? Is that some sort of French joke or something ?
  12. Hello Mr Crowe. Mark Parso and I were talking about you at my place today.
  13. Pez, I did see a white RS2?? in Bourke St, heading towards Flinders St a few weeks ago on a weekend. I'll be keeping an eye out for you around town for sure. Any advice on Corban's for servicing/parts etc ? I believe I have to use Elf oil in this thing.
  14. Cool, I'm a bit over the mod bug from all my other cars but I did have a visit from my mate Mark (Parso on here) from Recode today so things might happen in the near future. My 07 GTI was a weapon running 21psi. I think the RS has some potential.
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