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I bought a new 182!


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A few weeks ago I bought a low km as-new Clio 182 from its fastidious original owner. It is now garaged in Gippsland, 170km east of Melbourne. It replaces my aging Pug 205GTI. Oh the luxury!

This appears to be a great forum, lots of info. As I expect to have this car for many years (like the 205) I will be lurking around here for a very long time.

- Rick

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Thanks for the welcomes.


It is Artic Blue with the charcoal wheels that come with the Cup pack, built in 2005, but only 54000km.


As for piccies, I assume only links to photos can be added, not the actual photos. That limits me to the front photo from the carsales ad:



The 205GTI is a 1992 (red) with improved engine, 15x7 OZ Ultraleggeras, Toyo R888 tyres, Quaife diff, Bilsteins, larger front brakes with RX7 4pot calipers, etc. It was my regular car for about 14 years (until a month ago) but did a few sprints and hillclimbs some years back. It had aircon until 2 years ago. I did say the Clio has luxury! My best bet for offloading the Pug is probably via aussiefrogs.

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Welcome and congrats on the purchase!


I'm one of the above mentioned who has moved from 205 GTi to Clio, and 5+ years on I'm still very happy with my 182 Cup.

Yep, very luxurious compared to a 205 :mrgreen:

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