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Introduction and a few questions


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Just thought I would say hello, been on this forum for a few weeks and trying to learn as much as I can about the Clio as I am in the make for one(R27/200). I am an avid EVO reader, so for years the Clio has always interested me. I have used the magic search button on the forum and some of my question have been answered.

I've been lucky enough to own some wonderful cars, but the thing I miss is that joy every time you drive a car- be it to the shops, work or the hills, not just on the weekends or when the sun is out and not stressing about where to park or getting scratched or stolen. One of the cars was a 205GTI which was a blast......3 out of 7 days - the other 4 days bits would fall off or things needed attention.

So some of the questions: Are they reliable in the Australian conditions? (the heat and the km we clock up in this vast country)my pug was not.

Do the engine have any special bits in them, forge, balanced ?

Front rotors, do any of you use DBA 5000 T3 rotors ? (I am not sure DBA make one that fits, I have emailed them to find out).

Looking forward to being part of the Renault forum. Peter

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Welcome Peter. You'll find quite a few ex 205 owners on ozrs (i've had three) and plenty of RS cars with plenty of miles on them. They're not perfect but are much better built than a 1980's Peugeot :)

Do a search in the Clio III section and you'll soon find the (few) common issues for the 197/200.

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Welcome! The Clio 3's seem to be quite sorted compared to the previous generation Clio. Busted batteries seem to be the common problem. Stock batteries regularly go pop.


DBA's will fit a Clio 3. They run the same setup as a Meg 2 and I'm running DBA's on my R26 megane 2.


Def check the rs200 vs Focus RS video Apple posted. It's a cracker!

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