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Just a quick hello from NZ.


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I've already posted elsewhere about the Clio IV RS Cup-Trophy i've on order but thought it a good idea to say a hi here too. I got outta my 2009 Holden Commie VE SSV ute simply because i just wasn't using it enough (it'd done under 20,000kms from brand spanker new) and every time i went anywhere with it some low life would key it or nudge a corner off it.... I did so like that utter V8 grunt and i wasn't too concerned on the thirst for 98RON it had... but i needed a replacement commuter so why better excuse to combine my 'hobby' car with something i can use every day. I know too that when i look back over my photo album the lines of my old ute will bring back pangs of why-oh-why did i sell it... but hey that's all part of the nostalgia side of owning nice vehicles.


So i'm hanging like a young child waiting for his birthday to come and that special present his parents promised him. Seriously though, it will be great to have a car again that i can roadtrip in and when at my destination actually have the ability to carry more that ONE passenger.


So as i until i get up to speed with being Renault Owner, i'll keep popping back in here to see what's happening.

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Welcome bro!


My fiancee is from Auckland. You probably know her??? :D


Yikes! Over here saying that could be considered fairly disrespectful of your lovely (I'm certain) fiancée... Help we even have senior high ranking Public Servants in a whole lot if trouble for using the term 'sweetie' to address their fellow female co-workers to the point the chap up and resigned from the job!

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